Saturday, September 20, 2014

summer endings

Summer flew by - I suppose it always kind of does, but each year, I'm surprised by it. It's still hot & humid outside, but a few of the trees are dropping leaves, the weather man is predicting cooler temperatures, and the zucchinis are slowing down.

Tim & I both had class all summer, but sandwiched it in 2 great trips. In May, we went to the Philippines to visit Tim's cousin Mike and his family there. We enjoyed touring their missionary camp and learning more about what they do, as well as relaxing on the beach for a few days! Last Wednesday, we returned from Peru. We visited Cusco, Machu Picchu, and Puno/Lake Titicaca with 8 other friends (from dental school). We had a great group of people and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves despite a few illnesses, climbing lots of stairs, and not really acclimating to the altitude.

Now we're back into the swing of things with school back in the swing of things with school in full force. My replanted tomatoes are almost ripe, and the leeks keep getting fatter. We're trying to wrap up a couple more home-improvement projects (a fire-pit and some deck deconstruction/reconstruction). There's a lot of landscaping that still needs to be done, but we've realized that there's no need to overly busy ourselves to meet an arbitrary time-line that we've made. Projects will continue in a never-ending fashion, and we'll continue to do them. We're both so good at being busy that we've had to remember to take time to just spend together as well as with friends and family. We have a couple of weddings left this year, but the main rush of them is over (9 down, 2 to go), so hopefully there will be more weekends available the rest of the year!

Even though I'm sad that summer is drawing to a close, my nose seems to be searching out pumpkin-y smells, and the idea of boots and sweaters ins't revolting, so I suppose I'll be ready for those chilly days soon enough.

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